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The new world of speciality coffee can be a daunting one, so we are working with Chris from Bond St. Coffee and BREWED to help 7 Dials Veg Box select some of the finest coffee beans on the planet - all roasted in Sussex!


Coffee is a seasonal product, coming from farms around the world, and roasteries are continually changing what they offer, so we will be selecting a 'coffee of the month' from each of our local roasters.

BREWED Roasters 


Started in 2016, BREWED is the brain child of Chris Campbell and Tom Mold.  With over 20 years experience in the industry between them, they have built a name for themselves being a rough and ready brunch cafe tucked out the way on Lewes Road in Brighton. 


Chris roasts all BREWED’s coffee and works closely with a local importer to select fantastic, interesting coffees.  They love their bright juicy filter coffees, so if you prefer your coffee black then these are the boys for you!


Horsham Coffee Roaster


Bradley and Amelia are based just outside Horsham.  They set up their roastery in 2012 selling high end speciality coffee at food markets in the local area.  Since then they have gone from strength to strength sourcing some of the most delicious coffees in Sussex. 


They not only have incredible attention to detail when it comes to quality, but also focus on building relationships with the farms producing their coffee, visiting Rwanda every year, where they donate money from coffee sales to help fund school repair projects in the area around Gishyita Village and washing station.


In 2014, together with Chris Campbell, they opened Bond Street Coffee, their first cafe in Brighton, and very quickly put their stamp on the Brighton speciality coffee scene.


Cast Iron Roasters


Tucked away in the idyllic countryside near Pulborough, you'll find Guy and Tilly Spurr roasting up some of the finest coffee around.  Tilly’s sister runs a coffee farm in Panama so it was only logical that Tilly and Guy would start working with her to bring coffee over to the UK.  If we are lucky enough, we will be able to get some when it's in season!


Cast Iron are an amazing all rounder.  They have something to please everyone, whether you take your coffee with milk or just black.



Pharmacie Coffee Roasters


Tash, Carola and Rick are a proudly independent micro-roastery based in Brighton & Hove, supplying wholesale speciality coffee, barista training and espresso making equipment to the UK.  They believe the key to great tasting coffee lies in care and consistency, which is why their coffees are 100% ethically sourced & hand-roasted on a Giesen W15.


They offer a variety of coffee from different origins which are roasted to perfection, highlighting their coffees' natural sweetness, balance and body.  Definitely give these guys a go.


Coffee at 33 


Taras and Amerigo opened Coffee at 33 in 2008 and are some of the original forerunners of Brighton's still booming coffee culture.  As the coffee world has tended to roast lighter and lighter, Coffee at 33 have maintained a profile which promotes both the bright and acidic virtues of the coffee, whilst allowing its boldness and body to balance the cup.  If you like your coffee to taste of sweet dark chocolates and stone fruits, then you have to try these!


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